Adil Shamji to Support Bonnie Crombie for Ontario Liberal Party Leader

TORONTO, ONT. – Dr. Adil Shamji, MPP for Don Valley East and Ontario Liberal Party leadership candidate, issued the following statement regarding his future in the leadership race:

“As many will know, September 26th marked the deadline of membership registration with the conclusion of campus club outreach. Now begins a second phase that continues until voting on November 25th and 26th. Transitions like this provide an important opportunity to take stock of where we started, what we have accomplished, and where to go next.

“When I think about why I ran for leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, it’s clear to me that it was to fight for all of us on the biggest scale and the biggest stage imaginable. And I know that my reach, for the time being, is only so far."

“There is also an endless amount of work that needs to be done in our province: work in this leadership race, work in the legislature, and work for my constituents in Don Valley East and across Ontario.


“From the very beginning, I have known that with four spectacular candidates in the race and myself, only one can come out as leader of our party. Today, I acknowledge that this leader will not be me.

“I will continue my campaign in a different capacity, still fighting for healthcare, housing, education, and the environment, but from now on, behind Bonnie Crombie and her team. It is a tremendous privilege to work with someone as committed to public service as Bonnie is, someone who possesses the unique talent of getting people excited and bringing them together behind a common vision.

“Bonnie has a level of experience and strength that inspires confidence in Ontarians. She has inspired confidence in me throughout this campaign. Her thoughtfulness, compassion, and intelligence have inspired tens of thousands already. I am proud to stand with her, and I know that she will lead our party and province toward a better, brighter, and more prosperous future.

“Running with such experienced and qualified candidates was truly an honour. I am proud to call Nate, Ted, and Yasir friends, and I am grateful for their ongoing contribution to the Ontario Liberal Party.

"For me, this is not cause to despair. We have four other amazing candidates in this race. Each one of them has brought their own unique contributions and have left an indelible mark on the future of our party.

Nate, your passion for issues like housing and the environment is infectious. You have continuously raised the bar when it comes to policy, and your grassroots efforts across the province have been something to behold.

Ted, my friend and seatmate, you have brought incredible energy and intelligence to this campaign. You are a brilliant mind with thoughtfulness and selflessness. You have often expanded the conversation to places it needed to go.

Yasir, it is clear you live and breathe Ontario, and your lifelong commitment to its prosperity is something I admire deeply. Our party needs your endless enthusiasm, compassion and drive. 

The party would be privileged to have any of you as its leader."

“Furthermore, I want to thank my team and my family, who are entirely responsible for the success we have had as a campaign. I am more optimistic about Ontario’s future than ever.

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