Adil Shamji Releases Rural and Northern Ontario Platform

Every single person in Ontario matters - yet for far too long, it has felt as though the priorities of a few urban centres have overshadowed the needs of the rest of the province. This has left our rural areas feeling dismissed and disenchanted despite the fact they possess immense value and potential for our province.

If we want to fully unleash that potential, it will take listening, hard work and ideas. It will also take a leader who understands the north. Adil hasn’t just campaigned in rural areas - he’s lived and worked in them. As a physician, he has spent much of his career travelling to communities in need of family and emergency doctors. Whether in rural areas like Port Perry or remote First Nations like Peawanuck, Adil has experienced firsthand the treachery of winter roads, the runaway cost of groceries, and the inaccessibility of healthcare. It’s what ignites his passion to ensure that rural Ontario has a real voice and champion at Queen’s Park.

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